Teen & New Drivers

Course Description
· Up to 30 hours of classroom instruction
· AAA Driving Improvement Program (DIP) course materials provided
· 8 hours of behind the wheel instruction
· Behind the wheel instruction is one-on-one with a State Certified Instructor
· Behind the wheel instruction is for 2 hours a day for 4 days
(*Driving Permit Required)

· Includes DMV approved road test when a DMV certified road course is available.
· Behind the wheel instruction in a dual control 2009 Subaru Forester

· Driving simulators will be utilized in rural communities to compliment the curriculum as behind the wheel instruction time may vary due to limited road access.

· Basic Techniques of Driving
· Defensive Driving Techniques
· High Traffic Driving Skills
· Parallel Parking (Including Downtown)
· Roundabouts
· Basic Winter Driving Skills (Including ABS Brakes)
· Road Rage & Aggressive Driving Precautions
· Drinking & Driving Facts and information
· Reckless Driving & The Law

Participants will complete a pre-trip inspection of the vehicle prior to behind the wheel practice or prior to the road exam. The inspection will include:

· Good Tires
· Turn Signals (Front & Back)
· License Plates- (Front & Back)
· Headlights & Tail Lights
· Brake & Tail Lights
· 4-way Flashers
· Brakes. Parking Brakes
· Mirrors & Horn
· Mandatory Seat Belts
· Speedometer
· All windows & Safety Glass
· Muffler & Tight Exhaust System